Statement Made by the Patriarchate of Georgia (02.05.2019)

The recent occurrence of circumstances in connection with David Gareja have evoked people’s just indignation and many individuals have already stated their positions in this regard. And we, likewise, declare that the aforementioned complex represents a great sanctity, it is one of the oldest monuments, and therefore, the Church of Georgia will do everything within her power to protect it.
Also, we would like to inform our society that active negotiations with the Azerbaijani party are under way and certain positive steps have already been taken.
Apart from this, we should remark that the Patriarchate of Georgia categorically disagrees with every attempt of deterioration of friendly relations between our two countries and peoples, and considers the phrases, offensive to the Muslim faith, a provocation, whether conscious or unconscious to the Muslims of other nations as well as to those belonging to the Georgian nation.
We are hopeful that the relations between our spiritual leaders, our peoples and states will not be stained but justice, sound judgement and friendship will prevail.